Frequently asked questions


General Information

Why should I become a RushBucks affiliate?

What are the conditions for becoming an affiliate for RushBucks?

Must I have a website to become a RushBucks affiliate?

Is there a cost for becoming an affiliate of RushBucks?

How do I register to become a RushBucks affiliate?

Can I link my website to your affiliate program?

Marketing Tools

What marketing materials can I get as a Rushbucks affiliate?

Do you provide banners?

How do I find the banners I really want?

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of the material I use?

How can I keep track of the marketing materials I have used?

What about pop-ups?

Will my statistics be easy to find?

RushBucks Parent Affiliate Program

What do you mean by Parent Affiliate?

What are the specific benefits to signing up Sub-Affiliates?

Are there any restrictions related to signing up Sub-Affiliates?

How do I make a request to become a Parent Affiliate?

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